When fully implemented CIWA will be an updated, holistic workforce development and employment system that includes the following features.

  • Partnerships: CIWA’s activities must begin with the employers need. Any other approach will fail to effectively provide sustainable solutions. Additionally joint venturing with other training organizations, industry standards setting organizations, unions and regulators are key to the program growth and long term success.

  • Workforce development, training, testing and upskilling: CIWA objectives are to blend the best current with new approaches to prepare workers for today’s jobs and support lifelong learning as skill requirements evolve.

  • Life-long learning: Current and prospective workers have equal access to opportunities for human capital acquisition throughout their working lives.

  • Quality information: The ongoing process of matching workers to jobs is driven by real-time  information on the skills of the available workforce and firms’ needs for employees.

  • Enhanced mobility: Barriers to worker mobility are reduced to support optimal job matching.

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