Critical Infrastructure Workforce Academy

  • A platform for standardized, high-quality training and education in support of the following Homeland Security sectors: Diversified Energy, Communications, Transportation Systems, Water and Wastewater Systems, Emergency Services, and Information Technology.

  • Education and training matched to the Northern Appalachian region energy and utility sector while increasing access to advanced skills training for the high-growth, high-demand jobs of the future.

  • An integrated live, multi-utility, urban and rural environment, where Gas workers will encounter waterlines and electrical services, Water company employees will encounter electrical and gas and Communication company workers, etc.

  • Live-mock training modules for utility grade wind and solar installation and maintenance along with smart technology for micro and nano grid systems will be one of the first in the region.

Advanced Urban Training Community

  • Residential Neighborhood

  • Commercial Neighborhood

  • Industrial Neighborhood

  • Train Derailment Response Yard

Utility Infrastructure Simulation

  • Natural Gas, Electrical, Communication and Water

Vertically Integrated Gas Operational Segments

  • Exploration & Production

  • Mid-Stream/Transmission

  • Distribution

Electric Lineman Training Segments

  • Distribution

  • Transmission

Classroom Training

Classrooms with state of the art simulcast capabilities to support distance education and and online training.

Laboratory Training

Hands-on and Virtual Reality laboratories for students to learn, test their skills and demonstrate competency.

Field Simulations

A 20-acre simulation facility to validate a student’s ability to complete critical field, operations and hands-on tasks in a live, multi-utility, urban and rural setting. 


A Joint Venture between the Energy Innovation Center Institute, Armstrong County Industrial Development Council, regional employers, unions, training companies, and industry experts.

The Critical Infrastructure Workforce Academy will provide the energy, utility, and related construction industry employers with access to advanced skills training through a network of nationally recognized partners who specialize in workforce development.

Initially targeting the existing utility workforce, displaced/unemployed coal workers, the  underemployed and transitioning military personnel in the northern Appalachian region, with plans to expand the facility and  curriculum to include, high school graduates, technical and community college graduates.

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“This is an exciting project, and timely given the utility sector’s current workforce needs. There is also a tremendous upside for our local and regional economy. The Armstrong County Board of Commissioners have consistently asked us to identify opportunities that can make a real difference. I believe this project fits the bill.


CIWA will support the workforce development, training and certification needs for Western PA, Western NY, Northern WV and Eastern OH. If you have specific training requirement please submit a request or send email to:

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